Measure W Alameda County: Home Together 2020

Your YES vote on Measure W will address Alameda County’s homeless crisis, protecting our most vulnerable neighbors: seniors, veterans, families and people who can’t keep up with skyrocketing housing costs and are homeless or at risk of losing their homes.

Measure W is a Alameda County-wide half cent general sales tax that will raise ~$150 million a year for 10 years.

Measure W provides urgently needed funding that Alameda County can use to:

Very low-income individuals and families already at risk of becoming homeless are most vulnerable during our public health crisis. This measure will help keep people who are risk of homelessness in their homes and shelter people who are experiencing homelessness. Housing prices are out of control. Seniors, veterans, people with disabilities and others living on a fixed income can’t afford rents.

82% of those who are currently experiencing homelessness in Alameda County lived here before losing their home. This measure will help prevent local residents from becoming homeless in the first place.